Becoming a Coaching Leader by Daniel Harkavy
Daniel Harkavy

Daniel Harkavy is founder of Building Champions, an executive coaching company with more than eleven years of experience. As CEO and Head Coach, Daniel leads the Building Champions team while also coaching a select group of high-profile executives and leadership authorities.

Becoming a Coaching Leader shows business managers and leaders at all levels why they should add "coach" to their corporate titles and lead their teams to greatness. This book equips leaders with the skills, disciplines, and knowledge to turn their paycheck-driven teams into vibrant and successful growth cultures.

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CEO of Building Champions, Daniel Harkavy goes beyond the theoretical to the practical ways of how to become a Coaching Leader.

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The author of Becoming a Coaching Leader, Daniel Harkavy has coached thousands of top executives, managers, and sales professionals.

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"If you look over people in your business life, you are a coach. Face it. You may hide behind a title like manager, VP or director - but in the end if you aren't a coach then no one will follow you. This book will help you embrace your potential coach and flex it to the benefit of your people. Daniel's advice is crisp and actionable. Give him a few hours to change your leadership life."

- Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! And author of Love is the Killer App